This instructable details how to assemble an simple, durable, and functional bicycle repair stand by repurposing other items you may  already have.

I became interested in doing my own bycycle maintenance and repair on vintage bicycles after I recieved my first bill from the bike shop.  The bill came out to twice what the bicycle originally cost me at the thrift store.

I have enjoyed instructables for over a year and have had my eye on the various bike stand designs that have been submitted.  Just when I was about to decide on a plan and get to building I had an epiphany. I already had all I needed for a repair stand. No need for another tool that I would then have to store in the crowded garage.

Only three items are needed:

1.  Bike rack that fits into a reciever hitch
2.  Workmate
3.  Clamp

Its so simple I can not believe I didnt think of it before.

It is surprisingly stable.
<p>nice, im surprised the clamp can hold it up. good job.</p>
I actually used my work mate in a similar fashion but it certainly isn't a nice as yours.<br>
This is brilliant!
I'd this all the time while attach to the car. Pull up a chair turn on the radio. Work repairing last trip or get it set for the next ride. Help that tool box is in the trunk!!
Ha! <br>Excellent!! <br>...pound to a penny though you'll need the workmate during servicing..??!!
you're probably right.

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