Queen Elsa's Dress and Wig





Introduction: Queen Elsa's Dress and Wig

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Step 1: Get Elastic, 4-5 Rolls of Tulle, Sew on Buttons and a Big Broach (something Christmas-ish)

Start with me siring your child around upper chest and under arms.

Step 2: I Used Extra Long Pieces

Depending on how long you want the dress is how much tulle you need, ours was extra long so it took about 4-6 to fill elastic. Measure your pieces,fold once in half, at the top wrap the loop around elastic and pull ends through.

Step 3: You Can Use a Pattern

Or random, I did random colors and it turned out great!!!, after I filled elastic I sewed on button to the back of dress and belt. I also used an extra long piece of tulle for straps around the neck and perfect place to put broach, make sure it's long and placed in center that way when it's tied around neck it will make the illusion of cape...

Step 4: The Wig

I used 50+ strands of yellow yarn, measure them all the same size. After you have a good amount, wrap around your child's head so you know where to start the braid!! I also used gems and a snowflake to jazz it up a bit, I also found a crown that went perfect with it for 1$ at Joann's fabric. This total costume cost is under 20$ all the tulle I got was on sale at hobby lobby!! Try to hit up sales events to get a bang for your buck!!!



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    beautiful! amazing work! i will have to try it!

    That is a really great, easy costume that looks fantastic! She looks adorable in it! Awesome job :)

    My aunt did this but for anna

    Ty for the comments,she truly loved it and was center of attention, tuned heads!! She loved being the queen!!

    Thank you she loved it!!! We are doing mermaids next!!

    I love the dress! Beautiful work and thanks for sharing. If my daughter decides to be Elsa for Halloween, then I think this is what I'll make for her! Thank you for the inspiration.