Introduction: Queen Lizard!! Reptilians Among Us!!

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How to be scary mysterious, keeping the glam and the style ready to rock all the night!

The idea is to make a simple application that change everything. Get in the mood to live among the reptilians not to be one more, but to be the QUEEN!!

Step 1: The Mask

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This is a half face mask. I did my one using latex (I will do a instructable how to do the very best by your one). But it is true that not everyone has neither the time nor the material.

That is why I start to look for a way to optimize the resources looking like a pro. I found that in walmart (or ebay or many other resources) you can buy pretty good foam latex mask. For this you can use "Lizard Foam Latex Face Adult Halloween Accessory" and split the mask in two (optimizing resources).

Step 2: Place in Position

Picture of Place in Position

This is crucial!

Set your piece in position and use your favorite "spirit gum" to place it correct.

For sure you will need help!! (can be another better way to make friends?)

Step 3: Queen Time!!!

Picture of Queen Time!!!

For the makeup I used my "Mehron Special FX Kit". It is a nice option, not so expensive and with the quality I am looking for.

I decided to go for a rain forest lizard and therefore my pallet was with yellow and green. But think about this with free spirit!! (some suggestions I have think about are : Desert lizard (yellow and brown), Volcano lizard (Black, yellow and red); Flying lizard (light blue, yellow, white and blue); the Party mode Full Color Lizard (ALL THE COLORS)...there are so many options!!!

Step 4: Run SSSSSHE Is Here!!!

Picture of Run SSSSSHE Is Here!!!

Now you just need to go out!

You are ready to go !!



deluges (author)2017-11-08

That's some seriously good make-up!

Head_H (author)deluges2017-11-10


Swansong (author)2017-11-08

That looks awesome! You could use a sclera lense in that eye too so you can keep it open.

Head_H (author)Swansong2017-11-08

Nice idea!! I will in my next one!

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