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I have wanted to be the Queen of Hearts for years and never had the money for a great costume (I hate cheesy cheap looking costumes) I started sewing about 2 years ago. Self taught. Last year I designed my first creation without a pattern (Maleficient gown and headpiece). This year, I decided to design my own Queen of Hearts gown. I sketched it on a piece of paper and then headed to Joann's to pick out fabrics to bring my creation to life. I was inspired by Ever After High cartoon version of the Queen Of Hearts (my 5 year old watches the show!)

8 different fabrics, an old white sheet (to line the bodice and make it heavy enough to support the giant draping of the skirt) , interfacing, deck of cards that were all the Queen of Hearts, red glitter cardstock paper, hot glue gun, sewing machine, red felt , boning and ribbon. Store bought heart tiara , red & white wig, hoop under skirt. I created a pattern and started cutting and sewing. Used fusible webbing to attach heart cut outs to other fabrics. Bustle was attached with hooks and the dress goes on. Made the neckpiece by cutting out half hearts out of the redfelt and sewing the boning inside/ attaching it to the back of the collar. Then I hotglued the Queen of hearts cards to the felt. On the back of the neckpiece, I cut out card sized pieces of the red glitter cardstock to make it look like the back of the cards. I hotglued a piece of velcro to the top to help the neck/headpiece stay up and in place. Used cherry red ben nye makeup and ben nye white color cake foundation for the makeup. I did my own makeup as well.



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    This is really impressive! Way to go!

    Do you happen to have any photos of the processes that went into this? Those would be great to see, if you felt inclined to add some more pics and perhaps break this into a few steps. The dress looks super complicated but very, very well put together! :)

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    thank you! Make the bottom skirt... I transformed some existing patterns I had from an 18th century ball gown I made for a play I was in.. that made it easier size wise and I just tweaked/cut and pasted them to fit my design. Then just add the drapes- each sized about 1/3 smaller than the previous row. I made the skirt and did the gathers, then pinned it around my dressform. Then i started adding the different sized drapes over the top of the main skirt. Pinned them where I wanted them. When I was done pinning and it looked how I wanted it too.. i took all the drapes off and basted each one to the main skirt. Once that was done, I basted all the layers to the bodice section. Then sewed around all of it with the sewing machine twice to make it nice and secure. That took some muscle pushing it all threw the machine- and be carefull not to let any of the material get sewed into the main sewing (if that makes sense). Zipper last. Then made the bustle and its attached with large hooks after you put the dress on.

    I should have taken more photos of the process- especially the neckpiece, but I was in a hurry!

    That all made sense to me!

    Next time you're making some awesome thing, I hope you'll snap a few photos along the way, and then share the whole process. This is a good first instructable, and we're glad you're here!

    Cheers, and good luck in the costume contest!