Having slept on the same futon that my parents got me when I was in 9th grade or so (I'm 28 now), I decided it was time for an adult bed. Having moved that futon several times, however, and knowing that I would most likely be moving this bed a few times before it found it's permanent home; I  wanted to build a bed that could be broken down so it could be moved more easily.
This is What I ended up with.

Step 1: Overview

I had decided on a queen size so based on  a mattress size of 60" x 80" plus a little wiggle room, and the platform for the mattress became 62" x 82", and sits about 12.5" off the ground. I came to this height by sitting on the other beds in the house and finding out that a comfortable sitting height was 24" and reading that the average mattress height is about 12", but I ended up buying a mattress that is a little below average, so if I had it to do over, I would have added another two inches or so.
You can see the basic idea; build two halves that are 31" x 85", the extra three inches are to make room for the braces at the head and foot to reduce sag after the two halves are bolted together. The slats sit loose on the frame, and are connected to each other with a nylon strap stapled to the bottom so they can be rolled up and moved as one.
Fully dismantled there are five components, but I haven't decided on a headboard yet, so that may be added later.
The frame is all pine to reduce cost because you don't see much of it anyway, and facade is oak.
<p>Sometimes the answer is right in front of us but only need a few creative twists before it can be achieved. Thanks for sharing such a convenient way to move a bulky bed to a new place and this will definitely be in my moving checklist. If only every other piece of furniture could be broken down as well, moving out would be a breeze!</p>
Looks wonderful!, though I was wondering if it'd be too much trouble to request a few shots of the frame in &quot;shipping/moving&quot; mode?
Yeah, sorry. I meant to take some when I was moving it in, but got caught up in moving stuff. <br>When I move it again I'll try to add some, but it might be a while unless I get inspired and decide to do something about the center support in the next couple days.
A solid wood bed like the one that you just made would have been a few hundred dollars (US$800.00+). You managed to make a beautiful bed that will last you many years. Great work!

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