Introduction: Quesadilla

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My version of a quesadilla

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients

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-tortilla shells

-sour cream or plain Greek yogurt

-shredded cheese, I used cheddar


-other fillings you might enjoy...thinly sliced grilled chicken, thin slices of grilled steak, are nice additional fillings were olives, mushrooms (and pepperoni in my husbands)

Step 2: Building the Quesadillas

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-lay out your tortilla shell

-spread salsa on half

-sprinkle cheese on the non salsa half

-add additional toppings, I like black olives and mushrooms, my husband likes mushrooms, olives and...pepperoni...yup, you heard me right. He likes pepperoni on his quesadillas

Step 3: Cooking Them

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-fold in half and carefully slide from plate, to cooking implement. We use a 'presto pizza pizzazz'

-cook on medium/medium high heat until the cheese starts melting and the shell starts turning a nice toasty brown color...this is 8-10 minutes for us

Step 4: Enjoying the Quesadilla

-once the quesadilla is done, transfer CAREFULLY to a's HOT at this lava, really. Trust me on this

-let cool until you can handle it

-cut each quesadilla into quarters (or smaller) and serve with...sour cream, salsa or guacamole or any combination of those items

-eat it, and enjoy :)


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