Step 12: Starting Up the Sinatra Application

Open a command prompt and cd to the directory where your script is.  Then type "ruby thenameofyourrubyfile.rb" replacing thenameofyourrubyfile with the name of the file you created that has the ruby code in it.  By default it will start up on port 4567.  If you want to hit it on that port open a browser and type http://servername:4567 .  If you don't want to do that, you can specify another port at startup.  Web servers run on port 80 for HTTP, so you'd start it up like this "ruby thenameofyourrubyfile.rb -p 80".  You should be able to see your app now.  If you don't have DNS and can't resolve the name of the server, then you can replace servername in the URLs above with the IP of the server. 
Thanks! I was looking for this exactly for a puzzle box I'm making!
What does it do? Please make a NON YOUTUBE VIDEO!!!
hey man I was using the same analogy 2 connect arduino UNO and mega 1280. I want the UNO to be my master because UNO works properly with processing while my mega 1280 does not work with processing. <br> <br>I did as described in this tutorial http://arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/MasterWriter. Basically I connected <br>SDA pin 4 of UNO to Arduino Mega SDA digital pin 20 <br>SCL pin 5 of UNO and SCL is 21 of mega <br>Ground UNO to ground MEGA (I dont think it matter which ground on the board you connect to) <br>5V of UNO to Vin of Mega. <br> <br>Uploaded the master program to UNO and slave to mega as decribed on the website. <br>Now when I run the serial monitors I get a lot of gibberish popping up on my serial monitor. Please help as I dont understand whats going on. I dont believe the gibberish Im receiving is right? <br>I have a few 1k resistors lying around. Should I use your pull-up resistor theory?

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