Step 6: Cruise in safety and style

Picture of Cruise in safety and style
Check to make sure your fabric isn't loose or rubbing the tires (or worse yet, chain) anywhere. You are ready to roll!
meradera6 years ago
Great idea! I'm testing window screen material, and so far it is holding up okay. Does anyone have an idea how to construct a chain guard?
I made a chain guard from a large cookie tin. The steel was quite thin, so I used a double layer, stuck together with double-sided tape, plus a few pop rivets. It attaches with screws in three places: bracket with two screws into down tube, clip-on bracket to chain stay, and clip-on bracket to seat stay.
if you have the old chain guard you can take some sheet metal and cut out your shape then drill holes thro the chain guard and your sheet metal then bolt it together and that way you can paint it how ever you want
geowulf7 years ago
You could totally use coroplast sign board (there are always a million of them during an election year). Great idea!
Great Idea....Have you done this on a bike yet? How would I go about installing this signboard?