Picture of Quick & Dirty T.V. Paper Prop card using Open Office
Paper Prop : Any Prop in a T.V.show or Movie made of paper IE. any news paper that is read on screen or is in the scene back ground to make the movie more believable.
Today I am going to show you how to make a paper prop for your Fave T.V. Show or Movie using a screen cap and open office dot org.
This is my first Instrucable so be kind!

Step 1: Find a usable screen cap

Picture of Find a usable screen cap
O.K first things first you have to find a screen cap of the prop card (or any paper prop you want to make!). In this case I will be using a screen cap from the t.v. show "Angel" thats right folks you can now be apart of Angel Investigations and Help the Helpless!
Mach55 years ago
I want to put the angel graphic on a t-shirt with the caption "The angels have the phone box."
That's pretty cool. My only suggested would be to add more of a description about what you're making. It took me a little while to figure out what a "paper prop" is. Could just be me, though.
I thought about that and I may up date it and add one I grew up around prop making and some times forget not every one else has....lol . Thaks for being constructive instead of being destructive.
the_eradicator (author) 7 years ago
Thanx GorillazMiko! I have since redid the font making it a little bolder.
Wow, nice job! They came out rather good in this Instructable, great job!