It first started out when I found out I had a VJ performance at my College. Then I thought, hey, I've always wanted to get on stage as a DJ. Why don't I make an act, like wear something nice for the show right? Then I thought, DAFT PUNK. Oh wow, I thought I wanted to dress up as Daft Punk for the show. (There were other performers as well. And I was hoping to steal the show.) But unfortunately, due to limited resources, I couldn't make the perfect Daft Punk costumes. So I had to improvise.

Heck, not only did I improvise, I also wanted a challenge. Only starting to build the helmets the night before the performance. And supposedly before my bedtime. 

"Cardboard Master" as my friend calls me. I am the cardboard master. Over the years since I was a kid, I'd been playing with toilet paper rolls and random cardboard boxes that I could find around the house. Manipulating them and turning junk into toys. Fun toys for my roleplaying needs. And then who knew, I grew up to be someone who's good at manipulating it. At least that's what they think.

Now on to the instructable.... Note that this is my first instructable since I joined in 2009.

EDIT: I want to thank the editors who enjoyed my Instructable, I am now even more motivated to do more projects. Thank you!

Step 1: Getting Started.

First I started working on the sketches. I was thinking of hybrid Daft Punk helmets, something, boxy yet appealing. I took my usual Creative Sketch book and started sketching!

First picture, Initial idea. I took the Guy-Manuel helmet pretty extreme. It was different and original. Thomas' however, was a little bit unoriginal.
Second picture, further tweaking of Guy-Manuel's helmet.
Third picture, further tweaking of Thomas' helmet, Which I still wasn't satisfied with.
Fourth picture, An expanded view of Guy-Manuel's helmet.
as in the dimensions of the helmet
nice work! but quick question. what are the measurements for Thomas' Helmet?
this looks great, my friend and i are going to be daft punk for halloween, is there a way to make the thomas helmet look a bit more realistic? the guy helmet looks awesome!
Also, can we get some PDF's? Pretty please?
And that's how you party.
Cardboard can be a fantastic material to work in. I once made a 6ft long X-wing fighter, (from Starwars), to hang over the DJ at a night club I was promoting. <br> <br>I wish I'd taken pictures of it, as it looked great.

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Bio: I am 19 years old. I love drawing, painting, and building stuff, electronics what not. Cosplay, toys, anything crafty.
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