Picture of Quick-And-Dirty Bicycle Lighting System
Quickie lighting system with turn signals and brake light from (mostly) scrap/on hand parts

Step One: collect the needed parts

MR-16 LED lights
LED turn signal flasher
2x LED side marker lights
LED Stop/Tail light
2x lever switches
spdt-center-off toggle switch
key switch
12v NiCd battery

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Step 1: Brake switches

Picture of Brake switches
Mount lever switches front and rear and link to brakes so switch closes when brake operates. Wire switches in parallel. I used switches with rollers and tied braided dacron fish line to the roller and to the brake cable (with a 'taught-line hitch' at one end to allow adjustment) - switches could also be mounted so that caliper movement operates levers...

Step 2: Brake/Tail Light

Picture of Brake/Tail Light
Light can be either a bright red led light for brakes plus a dimmer red led tail light, or a combo brake/tail led light. 

(edit: pictured combo light just arrived from China - !@#$ wires enter from top *WITH NO SEAL* so rainwater can enter and turn the $7.50  blinky tail/brake light into a useless P.O.S. if it isn't sealed up before installation)

Step 3: Turn signal lights

Picture of Turn signal lights
Turn signal lights may be either amber led side markers (truck/trailer side markers can be found in most any auto parts store) or motorcycle turn signal lights.
vicesat1 year ago
Looks most interesting the front rack where you hold the bag