Introduction: Quick and Easy Notebook

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Here is a quick notebook to make at the office when work is slow. I am sure anyone would appreciate a notebook like this! Let's get started!

Step 1: Supplies

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Notebook cover measurements are: 3 1/2" X 7 1/2"
The tablet measures 3" X 3" 
Scrap paper (enough for a small notebook)
2 Pieces of magnetic tape
2 pieces of lightweight cardboard for the front and back side of the cover, or I used paint samples (swatches) from a hardware store I had from our painting project. This makes it pretty!
1 beautiful Instructables sticker optional


Step 2: Tools

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Scissors or if you work at an office use the paper cutter for a smoother cut.
Ink pen
Rhino Grip

Step 3: Mark Lines

Picture of Mark Lines
Mark the lines for the notebook.
The measurements are 3" X 3"

Step 4: Cut Paper

Picture of Cut Paper
Cut the paper lines with the scissors or a paper cutter.

Step 5: Tape

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Cut off a small piece of the Rhino tape and place it over the top of the paper stack to secure the pages for the top of the notebook. 

Step 6: Cover

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Fold one paint sample into a matchbook cover.
It might work out better if you use the edge of the ruler to make a straight fold and crease it.
Place a strip of Rhino tape in the center of the other paint sample.
Stick the taped sample over the top of the folded sample centering it on the page before sticking it down. 
Rhino tape is very sticky.
Press down.

Step 7: Place the Sticker

Picture of Place the Sticker
Refold the cover creasing it again as needed,  and center the Instructables sticker on the center of the front page.
Remove the backing and stick it into place.

Step 8: Closure

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​Cut 2 strips of the magnetic tape.
Remove the back strip.
Carefully place one strip on the back cover as shown.
Place one strip on the front cover as shown.

Step 9: Sunshiine"s Final Thoughts

Picture of Sunshiine"s Final Thoughts

Even my husband loved my stylish Instructables notebook! Wasn't that quick and easy? Have fun! 

In closing I would like to thank our instructables company, sponsors, authors, readers, and members; for making this community a great success! Many hours and hard work has been put into making this place the best DIY on the Internet. Have fun and thanks for stopping by!



SparkySolar (author)2015-01-26

I love your instructables

Celine1107 (author)2012-08-12

Im sorry for posting this on your instructible, but I have been having troubles submitting mine into the contest. I went into edit, then publish, but the contest selections where not there. How did you do it?
Thank you

sunshiine (author)Celine11072012-08-12

Go to your page. At the top bar there should be words create, explore, contest, and community. Go to contest and click on Office Supplies I guess that is the contest you are entering. Then click the words that say enter mine or something like that and then scroll down and you should have your instructables that are eligible to enter. Sometimes you will need to wait for fifteen minutes or so and try again. It takes time to go through the program. Hope this helps. If it doesn't please pm me. Sunshiine

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