((WARNING: The below animating was done in Photoshop Elements 5. If your eyes bleed during this instructable, I am in no way responsible))
The key to becoming a good animator is to first begin simply and work your way up, correct? And whats the simplest thing you could do? Why, that's would be blinking of course! Whether you're animating a more complex eye or a simple dot eye as will be show here in this instructable, blinking is quite easy. That being so as its movement regime is rather restricted and the only really varying factor would be speed. So, buckle in kiddies. We're going on an adventure.

Step 1: Making the Base for the Animating

Firstly, you need to sketch out what it is you want to animate. This step is simple. Just rough out the character in whatever program you are animating in. Easy enough, right? Well, after you have accomplished that, then start to define the shape more. Clean the lines up, get it ready for colour and all that jazz. This stage is rather important as this is the drawing of which your animation will be made of. The angles and shapes used in this drawing will be using. If its your first time animating eyes blinking, then perhaps you should pick a angle that you are comfortable with and a style that will be very easy to animate (such as the one displayed in this instructable) while you are still learning the gist and feeling of doing animation. 
cool, what file type is the final export?
Since I made the animation with Photoshop Elements, as that was all I had available at the time, the final export was as a GIF as you see here.

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