Quick Blade Cover-up





Introduction: Quick Blade Cover-up

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Use a garden hose to cover up your blade. This is an extremely easy way to protect hands and feet. 

All you need to do is take an old garden hose, cut it to the length of the blade, slit it down the middle, and cover the blade. And voila, that's it!

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    Pure genius, Also I seen something like this before.

    I purchased two similar saws last year (1 small & 1 large) with no blade guards. Thought I would have to dole out hard earned cash for appropriate guards for protection.

    So simple and screams to me "why didnt I think of that?". And I get to recycle old garden hoses rather than throw them away! Also good for hack saws if you have smaller hoses.


    Remember to untension the blade too if you're not planning on using it again immediately.

    I did something similar to this but used cylinder shaped foam from a package I received in the mail! Nice tip!