Quick Change Reels on Your MakerBot Replicator

Picture of Quick Change Reels on Your MakerBot Replicator
2 Pull the guide from the extruder.JPG
3 Feed the new color into the guide next to the existing color.JPG
4 Until it protrudes from the opposite end.JPG
5 Using the touchpad, unload the old color.JPG
6 As soon as it pops out, change the operation to
7 Load the new color.JPG
8 As soon as the extrusion is clean, stop the operation.JPG
9 Pull the old color out of the guide tube.JPG
10  Plug the guide tube back into the extruder and hang the new color onto the holder.JPG
Changing reels on a Replicator can take some time, especially waiting for the the extruder head to warm so you can unload the old color, then waiting for it to warm up again to load the new one.

I've cut my time in half using the following method: