Picture of Quick Christmas Cards
This is how to make quick and easy Christmas Cards.  
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Step 1:

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Use a card blank to start with.  Choose some patterned paper and cut into rectangles.  Stick these onto the card blank as shown with double sided tape.

Step 2:

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Cut or rip a piece of white paper (printer paper will do) and stick on top of the coloured paper (a good tip is if you are using an image on ribbon or fabric, always put a white paper layer under it as a pattern showing through from paper below makes it look too busy).

Then add a small silver border across the corner, cut off the excess to tidy it up.

Step 3:

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Add a main picture.  My snowman came from a length of Christmas Ribbon.  If you are using ribbon, make sure you use strong double sided tape as they can unpeel.

Then add a Christmas greeting and some embellishments, like the snowflakes here.

It only takes a few minutes.