Introduction: Quick DIY Wrist Rest

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Quick simpleton is in for a nice rest after the game. With a tennis ball, few home desk tools, and time will do the magic!

Step 1: Items

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1. Sharpie
2. Rubber band or crunchy preferably.
3. Tennis ball
4. Sharp scissors, preferably exacto knife or similar.

*Depending on which you use rubber band or crunchy has different elasticity. Experiment!
(We will use this as a tracer tool for marking our cutting line.)

Step 2: Wrap With Knowledge

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1. Take you're tennis ball then wrap the crunchy(in my case) around the white lines diagonally.
The crunchy should form the middle line of shape N and Z when completely symmetrical.

Step 3: Cutting to Conclutions

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Begin the cutting sequence! The sharper the better the badder. Blunt blade is stubborn (junior stapples) my fault.

Step 4: Magic Science Science Magic

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Magic science! You just made 2 sizes, small&large;, wrist rest!(*to my instructions*)

*step two is where you can toy around with the measuring=custom fit with the proper math "if i knew"

Experience more comfort by trying out different types of balls ;)


johnray2k (author)2013-11-22


johnray2k (author)2013-11-22

Lols i play guitar my left fingers r short for other purpose

rluquett (author)2013-11-21

wtf is wrong with your nails!

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