Picture of Quick Dingbat Style Font 2 Graphic
Cant find a graphic you need and would rather not pay for one, only to find out you have to rework it to make it work.
Well here is a quick rescue.
http://www.fontspace.com has many many free fonts, many of which are dingbat style (graphics). I was amazed at one that i downloaded,
In ink-scape i converted a corner graphic to a path and it had 3900 vertex! Now that's a lot of detail.
you can use ink-scape or gimp to do this project, but I'm using gimp as its simpler and easier to understand for most people,
and does a very good job at this.
This project will teach you how to use a font (a dingbat style) to produce graphics for a CNC machine project.

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Step 1: Use free software

You might want to download and install 'corners2' and 'roses roses' from http://www.fontspace.com if you intend to follow along exactly.
or just use the fonts already on your computer.

open a new page, I'm using gimp ( a free open source program)
size the page the size you want the graphic to be, in my case its 5'x 5"
on the first layer decide if black or white will be the base or lowest cut your machine makes, and bucket fill that color
I'm doing black as the lowest cut.

Step 2: Borders

Picture of Borders

make a new transparent layer (border layer)
this will be for the corner decorations
select the font and character that has your selected design, in my case i used corners2, a free font i found @http://www.fontspace.com
place the first corner pretty much where you need it, I set the size to 2.25" before i placed it.
copy it 3 time and place in the other corners, rotate them to correct orientation like i did.
next i merged the 4 text layers down to my border layer.

Step 3: Center

Picture of Center
make a new layer (center graphics)
place your selected graphic, rotate and position if needed, i duplicated it and rotated mine 180 degrees
since I'm placing some more in art in the center, some initials