Quick Doggy Bath (waterless)




Introduction: Quick Doggy Bath (waterless)

15 minute quick dog bath no water required. Visit youradog.wordpress.com for in depth tips and more dog stuff.

Step 1: Brush in Circular Motions Using Rubber and Cornstarch

Rubber as in a rubber brush Cornstarch as in cornstarch-- sprinkle it in their fur so it gets to their skin-- its anti-itch and brightens their cost. Zoom groom by kong makes a great brush

Step 2: Spray Waterless Dog Shampoo

Spray on coat and rub it in with your hands

Step 3: Use a Brush to Deshed

A brush like the furminator works best, brush from top of head to base of tail.

Step 4: Wipe Eyes and Ears and Paws

Use dog specific wipes (earthy brands Carry them as do generic jewel brands)



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