Introduction: Quick & Easy No Sew Heart Shaped Valentine Gifts

Extra sweet & just in time for your Valentines giving. This quick and easy no sew 3 in 1 template can be used for a coin purse, a key fob, or a ring case with just minor modifications to this gift of handcrafted love. You can leave your hearts modern & simple, or by using paint pens , permanent markers and the like to decorate with whimsical phrases, names, or dates to add a personal touch to your finished creation of Love.

Step 1: Gather Materials and Print Template

FINISHED HEART IS Approximately 3.5" x 3.5" 
  • Print template PDF file
  • Double Face Tape
  • 7.5" x 5.5" Scrap of Leather, Heavy Vinyl, Sheet Rubber, Neoprene, or Similar Material
  • 2 Complete 2-part Snap Sets (8 pieces total) 2 Male Snaps with 2 Backs and 2 Female Snaps with 2 Backs(other snap options could work as well as buttons closures)
  • Snap Setter if Needed
  • Small Hammer
  • Punch, Awe, or Similar tool to pop holes in material
  • Shears
  • Marking Pen
Optional: Paint Pens, Permanent Markers, or similar or to decorate and personalize if desired

Step 2: Cut Out Template and Trace on to Material

  • Careful Trim Out Template and Punch Holes for Marking
  • Using Double Face Tape to Attach Template to Material (here we are using red leather for this example)
  • Attach to Material and Trace, Marking all holes that are needed as Well

Step 3: Remove Pattern, Cut Out Material and Puch Holes

  • Remove Pattern
  • Carefully Cut Out Transferred Pattern on Material
  • Punch Holes for Snaps
  • Use Care when Trimming Large Holes in Section 3 Making Sure that the Holes are able to fit over the Female Inside Snaps

Step 4: Position Front Snap Caps With Snap Sockets and Secure With Setter

  • One at a Time Place Post of Smooth Cap Part of Snap thru Hole in Section One with Finished Side of Material Facing Out
  • Place Socket of Snap over Post on Cap of Snap
  • Hold together and Position over Setter
  • Firmly Tap Post of Snap Securing Socket Section to Cap
  • Repeat for Other Hole in Section One Using Same Kind
(Hint Smooth Button Part of Snap Should be on top of the Finished Side of Material Used)

Step 5: Position Post Snap Backs With Stud Snaps and Secure With Setter

  • One at a Time Place Back Post Part of Snap thru Hole in Section Two with Finished Side of Material Facing Out
  • Place Stud of Snap over Back Post on Snap
  • Hold together and Position over Setter
  • Firmly Tap Post of Snap Securing Stud Section to Back Post
  • Repeat for Other Hole in Section One Using Same Kind Snap
(Hint Back Part of Snap Post Should be on the Unfinished Side of Section Two for the Material Used and the Stud Part of the Snap should be on the finished inside of section Two)

Step 6: Option 1: Snap It Together for the Coin Purse

  • Place Holes in Section 3 over Section 2 Snap Studs
  • Then Snap Section 1 Snap Sockets thru Holes in Section 3 and Snap to Section 2 Snap Studs
(Hint only unsnap one of  the snaps to insert or remove change from coin purse)

Step 7: Option 2: Add Two Key Rings for a Key Fob

  • Place two Key Rings Together
  • Unsnap Heart and Lay Flat
  • Place One Key Ring Over Inner Snap
  • Position Section 3 Over Key Ring and Section 2
  • Snap Section 1 Socket Snaps thru Section 3 and Key Ring to the Section 2 Stud Snap
  • Add Keys and Personalize
(Hint Unused Keys Can Be Tucked Inside Heart Before it is Snapped Together)

Step 8: Option 3: Ring Case or Box

  • Be Sure to Pop Out Smaller Pair of Holes in Section 3
  • Cut a .25" Wide Strip Approximately 12"-16" Long, or Use a Ribbon, Shoe Lace, etc...
  • Fold Strip in Half and Feed 1 Tail of the Strip Thru the Inside of one of the Smaller Holes in Section 3
  • Feed the Other Tail Thru the Other Hole in Section 3
  • Pull Strip to Center and Flip Heart Over
  • From Back Side of Section 3 Feed One Tail Thru Opposite Hole that the Strip Came Thru and Do the Same to the Remaining Tail of the Strip
  • Flip Heart Over and Pull Strip Tightly
  • Feed Rings on 1 of the Tails and Tie in a Bow
  • Fold Section 3 over Section 2
  • Snap Section 1 thru Section 3 and to Section 2

Step 9: Additional Images of Ring Case and Coin Purse

Additional Images of Ring Case & Coin Purse


OSCAR da GROUT made it! (author)2012-02-20

Clever! Very clever.. Good job!

Promo King made it! (author)2012-02-20

OMG! Way Cute!!! Those are the cutest hearts I have ever seen! And I actually was able to make one pretty easy! Thanks!!

amandaggogo made it! (author)2012-02-09

This is very cool!

Drew Wyman made it! (author)2012-02-08

Way cool idea! Creative and practical--- thanks, these are gonna make great Valentine's Day gifts!!!

jessyratfink made it! (author)2012-02-08

Very cute! I like that you made something that people will actually use. :)

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