Step 8: Option 3: Ring Case or Box

  • Be Sure to Pop Out Smaller Pair of Holes in Section 3
  • Cut a .25" Wide Strip Approximately 12"-16" Long, or Use a Ribbon, Shoe Lace, etc...
  • Fold Strip in Half and Feed 1 Tail of the Strip Thru the Inside of one of the Smaller Holes in Section 3
  • Feed the Other Tail Thru the Other Hole in Section 3
  • Pull Strip to Center and Flip Heart Over
  • From Back Side of Section 3 Feed One Tail Thru Opposite Hole that the Strip Came Thru and Do the Same to the Remaining Tail of the Strip
  • Flip Heart Over and Pull Strip Tightly
  • Feed Rings on 1 of the Tails and Tie in a Bow
  • Fold Section 3 over Section 2
  • Snap Section 1 thru Section 3 and to Section 2