Quick & Easy Hose Repair for a Dollar





Introduction: Quick & Easy Hose Repair for a Dollar

Fixing a leaky or damaged hose is a quick and easy repair. If you're having a problem because it's just leaking water near the spout you turn on, you most likely just need to get a new washer and put that in it. That works for minor leaks at the spout. For a more damaged hose or leaks in the middle of it somewhere, you just need to buy a "mender" and follow these simple instructions to get that fixed and working again. I have two hoses and both were damaged - one had the metal damaged on the end so I couldn't attach it to anything and the other had a hole in the middle of it. It only took about 5-10 minutes to fix them both. So, let's get started!

Step 1: Materials Needed to Repair Hose

Materials Needed for Hose Repair:

  • Utility Knife
  • Screw Driver
  • Mender Kit (I bought the menders at the Dollar General for $1 a Piece)
  • *Optional: Washer (you can buy a pack for about a $1)

Make sure you know which mender kit you've purchased as the ends are different for the female and male connectors.

Step 2: Cutting & Getting Mender Ready

Once you know the part you want to cut off the damaged hose, do so with the utility knife. Try to make a nice clean straight cut across. Then take out the mender and it should have a plastic piece covering the bottom part of it with two screws in it. Loosen up or remove the screws so you can then take out the main plastic hose connector (the black middle piece in my photos).

Step 3: Replacing & Tightening

Once you take out the black piece, you will need to push that into the hose where you cut the piece off. This can be difficult to work it back into the hose. Some people say it helps to hold the end of the hose under hot water for a minute before putting the plastic piece in it. I managed to push it in without doing that. Once the black connector piece is pushed in completely, then you can take the green plastic pieces out.

Take the green plastic pieces and put it back on with the hose and tighten the screws fully. Then, add a new washer in if it's needed and you are done! All fixed! Now there's no need to buy another hose!



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    Wow awesome! Even if it gives your hose just a little longer life it's totally worth it for just $1! :)

    Cool! Nice, simple repair. I'd be interested in hearing how it holds up after a couple months of use. :-D

    I have done this before also, it works well for a couple of years. A lot depends on how much the plastic is in the sun, with the UV rays breaking it down. Metal is better to use, but also most kits are harder to use with metal.

    Actually, if the hose was a decent quality one, these repairs can last for YEARS if:

    1. you don't run over the hose with your car!

    2. You don't drag the bare male hose end around on concrete or asphalt!

    I will update on that!

    In my experience the hose usually fails again before the fitting. Then you can just cut the hose off again and move the fitting down.

    I noticed recently that my garden hose has developed a split in it. I think I'm just going to buy a whole new hose though. The one I have is so lousy it constantly kinks up on me, which really bugs me when I am trying to relax, and just garden.