Picture of Quick & Easy Index Card Boxes

Since I don't often buy art materials, making gift boxes simply becomes a chore in my attempts to hunt down paper (for my lack of cardstock or anything of the kind) that is strong enough to hold materials. However, one day when I was preparing for school, I had an epiphany about one of the most obvious things in the world--index cards are just small pieces of cardstock. Make a few cuts and add a few drops of glue, and we can be onto something big here.

Well, not really.

But these gift boxes did turn out very nicely, and they would be useful for any kind of little gifts such as candy bars on Halloween / Valentine (whichever you prefer--the grotesque or the grotesquely romantic), little presents to count down Christmas, gift cards, little toys for small kids, any small pieces of jewelry, or a brick of tofu...basically anything that is small enough to fit inside an box made out of an index card.

Of course, these boxes can be made from any tough paper besides index cards, but if I admit that then the title of this entire instructable kind of loses its meaning.

ANYWAY, on to our list of materials!

- 2 index cards (or 2 pieces of cardstock, construction name it)
- glue or double-sided tape (unless you prefer regular scotch tape, though it wouldn't look very neat)
- scissors
- ruler
- pencil
- decorations to put on box (optional, though it makes the box a lot more fun)

To be honest, the pencil and ruler are rather optional too, as all you need them for is to mark out where you will fold your paper. However, unless you're a saint at eyeballing measurements, I would recommend using a ruler and marking out lines with a pencil.

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Ayushi Sharma8 months ago

its awesome..well done..:)

tina152 years ago
it was really nice and i`m going to try it
sunshiine3 years ago
Would sure like to see more of your work! Maybe you have some great ideas for Christmas! Sunshiine
sunshiine3 years ago
Absolutely kewl! Thanks for sharing your hard work!
krysteanuh3 years ago
This is incredible!
Totally perfect. I no longer have to buy little gift boxes for jewelry!
Thanks so much! :D
ninjacow258 (author)  krysteanuh3 years ago
Glad that it helped :)