Quick Easy Pizza / Spring Roll Hybrid





Introduction: Quick Easy Pizza / Spring Roll Hybrid

i picked up spring roll wraps a while ago, i think about $2.00 for a pack of 20, and decided that im sick of eating straight pizza everyday , and tired of pizza in my beard, so i made it different, crunchy and convenient, and easy and quick to make too

Step 1: Gather Necessary Supplies/ Delicious Fillings

first gather your supplies, spring roll wraps, available from any supermarket/grocery store with an international section, or an asian market, and whatever sauce, meat, cheese veggies or spices you desire, i had all of this ready to go since i was in a pizza shop, and it makes the assembled cooking time way quicker

Step 2: Fill N' Fold

peel your sheets of spring roll wrap apart, and in the middle add your sauce, for my first attempt i made a Parmesan chicken roll, marinara sace, some cooked chicken breast and a drizzle of Parmesan , first fold one end, then the sides in, and before the last end, use a little butter or garlic butter to help seal the roll.

Step 3: Get Creative

this leads itself to so many variations, i made like 6 or 7, il list a few
buffalo chicken with mozza.
chicken parmesan.
cheesy onion beef burger.
italian sausage, spinach, feta.
pepperoni, marinara and onions.
shrimp, alfredo and mushrooms.
the posibilities are endless

total after thought but you could use fruit and sweet things too , like pudding, or like a apple spring roll, just about anything that tastes ok with a crunch

Step 4: Cook It

i used a pizza oven, at 550f for about 5 and 1/2 minutes, depending on how crispy you want it

Step 5: Enjoy

as this was my first attempt, timing wasnt perfect, the outside doesnt look amazing but they were delicious



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We make these with a deep fryer. It gives them the perfect crunch, flavor and color

Very nice recipe. I used to work in a pizza shop too and we made a lot of creations. Would you know how long it would take in a regular oven?

my guess would be 5 to 10 and maybe flip half way through, or simply ubtil golden brown