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Things you need: - felt ( any color you want ) - a hot glue gun ( tape or normal glue ) - a paper frame ( from - 1 pair of scissors - a printer - a piece of thin cardboard

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I printed a paper frame follow her @doodlecraft. After you print a frame cut out the frame. ( make sure to cut out the paper in the middle and be careful around the edges )

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You can get felt at an arts and crafts store for about 0.30 cents for one full piece. Then you choose the color you want and cut out a square to fit your frame.

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After you have everything ready you can start putting it together. Your gonna take the piece of felt you have cut out and glue it to your frame. ( make sure to keep space to put in a picture )

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What your gonna do now is take a thin piece of of cardboard and cut it to fit your frame. When your done with that glue it to the back of the felt that has been glued.

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After all that go back and fix any open space and glue them so there's no open spaces. Then put your picture in and your done give it to a loved one, a friend, a sister, or even a brother. Enjoy!


doodlecraft (author)2014-03-16

Hey, I recognize that frame! I love it! Great job! :)

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