Create a fully functional speaker with parts from around ur house.

Step 1: Materials

For this project you need:

A Box(the larger the better)
solder and a soldering gun
an old cd that you dont plan to reuse
a head phone speaker(this project amplifies the small sound)
a head phone jack
<p>You are joking right?</p>
What good does taping a pair of headphones to a box do?
Looks like the box is meant to be a resonace box for the speaker. It is an old old audio trick. Ever use a tuning fork? You do the same basic thing there, the fork vibrates and you touch the base to a large hollow, solid box to resonate the vibrations and increase the volume of the tone.
Maybe he should change it from building a speaker?
Honestly, building the driver itself is 1) Fairly Difficult 2) Fairly minor to the end result. The design of the speaker enclosure is probably the most important thing to affect the sound. This is a basic, cheap enclosure that really won't sound as great as it can, but it gets the basic idea across. Building the driver itself would be expensive, time consuming, and really not worth it. Well, unless you went with a non-common driver design and even then, it may still be. So yeah, he's not telling you how to build a driver here, he's showing you how to build a basic box for an existing driver to make what in the end is a speaker. The name on the page seems correct enough on me. Labeling it as an enclosure for a speaker driver wouldn't really make it any more self explanitory.
+1<br><br>If you made the back of the box fairly conic it might improve the sound.
The problem with this is that the box is (poorly) resonant at certain frequencies. Also, headphones don't move enough air to make a megaphone (that's probably the idea here) do anything. One good thing about it, it reminds me of a project I've been planning to redo, and this time I can do it as an instructable. Stay tuned. Where's the amp mentioned in the title?
2) put your junk in the box xD lonely island...
&nbsp;It's my d*** i n a box!
not loud enough T_T
what is the use of the taped CD? is it only to physicaly protect the membrane of the speaker?
The rigid CD will transmit vibrations better than the relatively soft cardboard.
If you've ever made a speaker from coils and magnets CDs work really well... Some science project or demo for the class to compliment the sub and ping pong balls...
So... You build a speaker by taping a speaker to a box... Hmmm... Isn't it a "Speaker Enclosure?" The speaker's already there.

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