Quick. Easy. Tennis Court


Introduction: Quick. Easy. Tennis Court

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Step 1: Find a Nice Flat Area

Make sure it is at least 29x15

Step 2: Add a 29x15 Rectangle of Green Wool

Step 3: Fill It In

Step 4: Add Some White Carpet Around the Edges

Make sure you leave the gap shown in the picture

Step 5: Add Some Fences (3 High)

Step 6: Add a Net (cobwebs Work Best)

Step 7: Add More Detail to the Court

Step 8: Add a Ball (optional)

Step 9: Done!

Be sure to keep clikin' on those follow and favourite buttons. :P. the support has been immense over this last year and I want to thank everyone who has made these instructables possible :D see you doodz soon. !!! Also, keep commenting on new ideas for me to build!



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    MinecraftBoss517 when i finished my exams. (In a few days now !)

    Craftingenious when are you gonna make another instructable?


    4 years ago

    Will you ever do an instructable that is not on minecraft

    Next you should make a how to on a basketball court!

    Nicely done! Spider webs were a good idea. That should encourage people not to hit the net!