Picture of Quick Electric Sit-to-Stand Desk
Sitting at a desk all day can lead to poor posture, health problems, and back pain.  Unfortunately, electric sitting/standing desks are expensive.  So, I decided to build my own!

Step 1: Mounting Plates

Picture of Mounting Plates
With four linear actuators from eBay, I started by sketching the layout in Autodesk Inventor, found some appropriately wide scrap in the yard at the TechShop, and fabricated bracket blanks.
drmoses901 year ago

Impressive! I'm sure the cost of this project was far less than what is commercially available, but I'm curious what it did cost you.

levancil2 years ago
what controller are you using?
daveat2 years ago
great work one can also use wheelchair actuator and those can connect to a plethora of equipment!
GeekTinker2 years ago
I'm with frugalguy. Your desk is amazing and this instructable shows what you've done, but you seem to have left out some key information about the electric part of the process.
jtinst (author)  GeekTinker2 years ago
I'd need to take the table apart to find the model of the table legs, but I got them on eBay along with the control box. Not much to the electrical part besides plugging the connectors together. Sorry.
frugalguy2 years ago
I would love it if you gave a little more about your bill of materials. For example, give a link to the actuators and their each price. Where did the legs come from and what did hey cost? If I try to build my own, that kind of info is critical.

Great job!!
MR..2 years ago
This looks awesome! I'd love to see a video of it in action.