Quick Firestarter





Introduction: Quick Firestarter

This is a very simple firestarter made out of old candles, some dixie cups, and toilet paper rolls.

Step 1: Melting the Wax

This should be self explanatory. you melt the wax and fill up the little paper cup. leave about 1cm of space between top and wax.

Step 2: Filling the Roll

Take a spoon or a tool similar to this and dig some wax out of the cup. Fold the end of the roll down and plop a spoonful of hardened wax into the roll.

Step 3: Making the Fire

After you have folded both of the ends down so you cant see the wax, go get some wood. A good variaty of small and big chuncks are best.

Step 4: FIRE

Lay a piece of bark down on your grate and build a little log cabin over it. light both ends of the roll and carefully put it into the little house. and enjoy your fire!

Tips. if you put the smaller ones on the fire will start faster (duh)
make a little roof over the starter so the wood will catch. it wouldnt do anything if the flame just shot out the top. be sure to leave a "chimney" so that the smoke can escape.

scale of 1-10 10 being best, how helpful was this?



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You could add some powdered milk and it will start a fire with a flash! 

One gimmick I use is those small gift boxes like jewelry stores have.  I fill them 3/4 full of wax, add some sawdust and a cotten string laid over the middle of the box from side to side. I then fill the box the rest of the way with liquid wax.  Once cool, i worl a little wax from a candle over the string ends by pulling the string across the candle.  Fold the string into the box and put on the lid.

To use, open the box pull the two 'wicks' up and light.  The improvised 'candle' lights and the large flame is easy to start the fire with.  I use a heavy stick or log fragment on each side of the box and pile the kindling over the candle.  As the flame ignite the small stuff, add the heavier stuff in a log cabin structure over the burning kindling.  One very important point, use a small narrow stick to keep air passages open as the fire starts to keep the flames fed with air as the wood pieces come to ignition temps.

Someone told me a very good fire starter is a bag of Fritos corn chips large enough to serve two or three people. Just open it and place a lit match inside it.

i heard about that too. only it also said that any chip would work. i think they all are flammable to some extent.

It's the oil. Potato chips have lots of oil.. So they're pretty flammable.

This is more portable, but I like newspaper. (Wood stove is my only heat source.. Start a fire in it every morning)

Also, I think letting the wax drip onto the wood helps. Think of a candle.. The wick is IN the wax so it burns a lot longer. If the cardboard burns up and theres still wax, there will just be a big puddle of melted wax.

Wax doesnt burn easy by itself (has to be really hot), but if its on something else like wood/wick/string/etc, it burns better.

why not just cut a paper cup in half the put sawdust and cotton balls and use a q tip as the wick it works

someone told me that's how all the convenience stores "accidentally" catch on fire <.< >.>

then the grease inside of it goes fwooomp