The ends of the temple of my glasses decided to snap off one day, im thinking because of the cheap plastic. It got extremly irritating to the point where the frame protruding out the back got to be too much.
It then dawned on me that the solution would be quite simple!! Just get some heat-shrink tubing and put it on the end!!

You can also do this to cover up your nervous-bitten ends of your temples

Step 1: Gather supplies

 Can you fix the whole temple arm? My dog bit it and the plastic was crunched out until it was nothing but the inner stainless steel
I had the same thing happen to me and I'm.trying to find covers or.something for them... What did u end up doing...
Yes, that sounds like an excellent way to use this technique, i'd do it!
Super idea regarding heat shrink.&nbsp; I just used it to repair my cheap Foster Grant sunglasses.&nbsp; The arms are 1/3 metal, then 2/3 plastic.&nbsp; One of the arms broke where the metal/plastic join (of course).&nbsp; Previously, I mended this with superglue, and that lasted for several months.&nbsp; However, this latest break is much worse.&nbsp; The heat-shrink mend should last the lifetime of the glasses now.<br /> <br /> Thanks again!<br />
thanks for labeling the tubing with where to purchase it. I was gonna ask, but then the answer was there already. Great instructable!
I went to the dollar store and bought a pair of sunglasses. Then I straightened the arm on them, took off the temple guard thing, and put it on my glasses. The ones I bought were a bit too big, but other than that, it works great.
Ok and how this partains to this instructable?? Use shrink wrap on it?
You said you were looking for other ideas on how to fix this problem. That was my idea. Granted, it didn't use shrink wrap, but when the plastic thing on the arm of my glasses broke off, that's how I replaced it.

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