If you don't even know what a cobbler is, this is THE instructable for you! Whether worn out, or horribly constructed, many soles of shoes die out, leaving them (and you!) susceptible to slippage.

In this instructable, I'll show you how to quickly remedy this precarious situation if/ until you can get to a cobbler (shoe fixer guy)

Step 1: Identifying the Right Shoes

For this method to work, you want to examine the soles of your shoes to make sure they're no holes. It won't really work otherwise.

These are a pair of my favorite European loafers that never had much of a sole to begin with. Overtime, the heels especially began to wear away to near nothingness.

<p>Great idea and just what I need, thanks so much! </p>
<p>those are nice looking shoes. What brand are they? </p>
<p>Make your own treads, write your name and leave your mark as you walk!</p>
<p>cool!,how long it will last?</p>

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