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Somehow I broke the joystick on my Zen V/PLUS. So I searched for a fix and found nothing but an Instructable for disassembling it ( found here ). After taking it apart I cut a piece from the ink tube from an everyday 0.15¢ ink pen about 1/8", reamed it a bit with my pocket knife to enlarge the opening just a little so it'll fit snugly. Reassembled it, now I'm happy again!   


sokamiwohali (author)2012-02-15

i used to have one of these!!! do they still make this model?

hasha2000 (author)sokamiwohali2012-02-16

To be honest I don't think they do, but there's always Ebay.

sokamiwohali (author)hasha20002012-02-16

very true. i didnt think of i used to have one when i was in fact i had two...i had a 2 gb, then i upgraded to the one you have pictured it a 4 gb?

hasha2000 (author)sokamiwohali2012-02-17

I do believe it's a 4gb, I've also upgraded to a ipod 5gen.

sokamiwohali (author)hasha20002012-02-17

i had an Ipod nano 4gen. i loved it till my wife threw it in the washer...then i wanted the 5th gen that had the i want the tiny 6th

lebowski (author)2011-02-07


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