Step 2: Select your Tools

Picture of Select your Tools
This step is somewhat optional, but I highly encourage it because not only will I be
referencing the shortcuts in the upcoming steps, but also is a huge time saver
(and if you have any vector/CAD experience you know how long things can take,
especially as the amount of detail increases).
So, to choose my tools I first select Direct Selection Tool (press A on the keyboard).
This will allow you to adjustments to your anchor points as you trace without having to
deselect the Pen Tool. Next, I select the Pen Tool (press P). I will go over this in
more detail a bit later, but now that you selected the Direct Selection Tool and then
the Pen Tool you can access the features of the Direct Selection Tool whenever you
hold down the Ctrl key!

*Note: Ctrl key trick works with most Tools by allowing you to use the
previously selected tool, without deselecting the current tool.*