Let's be super quick about this. You need to add awesome stuff! Here is a list of the things I got:
Motorcycle Vest
Predator Mask
Vader or Master Chief Helmet
Posterboard of stickers and momentos from all across the country
Couch(sleep on this) or Bunk Bed with no bottom bunk (keep your dresser under there since it is lame)
2 TV's
Full game station with NES,SNES,N64,GameCube,PS1,PS2,PS3,Xbox,Xbox 360.  . .no wii cuz wii sucks
Bookcase full of video games! or Video Game Books!
Posters of games and movies and bands and Military Stuff!
Giant shark hanging from ceiling
Blacked out Airsoft guns on the wall
Blacklight and posters
Strobe lights! 
Giant Slenderman Mannequin!
DRUMSET so nobody else can sleep!
Make a Buster sword to hang on the wall, one that is taller than you!
Don't have a clothes hamper, throw them behind the couch or under your bed!

Then invite your friends over because a room isn't cool unless people are jealous!!!! 

Last of all, Buy a Master Sword because it is the holy-est of swords!

BOOM that is my Quick guide on how to make your room awesome!
This is not awesome... This is just expensive and useless shit you bought to look like a cool kid. <br>Plus the organisation is very bad, so the room looks messy. <br> <br>My advice : change the wallpaper, clean the room (especially the bookshelf and the couch), take down the jacket, the shark, the guitar hero controller, the board, the halo wars shirt, the wolf and plane posters off the wall, dispose of the swords more evenly in the room, at the same level. <br>Also, buy some real books, cut your hair, shave your moustache <br>Right now the walls just look like you put glue on the back of your junks and threw them at the wall, hoping it would look nice.
Haha yep
how to make your room more awesome ? As i read, be rich i think....

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