Quick Ipod Stand





Introduction: Quick Ipod Stand

This is a very easy stand for you Ipod. it only costs 3 bucks. Not the prettiest thing invented but it serves its purpose.

Step 1: Get All the Stuff

There are only a few things ya need.

1.The Ipod dock that came with your Ipod.
2.A block of the green flower holder styrofoam.
3.A sharp cutting object.
4.Duct tape
5.Some kind of old card. (gift card, Itunes card, old credit card.)

Step 2: Cut the Hole

Now cut a hole that will fit the bottom of the white dock. make sure it sinks down all the way so the white top part you see is sitting on the foam. I also but tape over the bottom of the white dock so the green stuff would get all up in the USB connector. Look at the second picture for the dock in the foam.

Step 3: Tape It All Together

This green stuff makes a mess. So I covered it in white duct tape. TAKE YOUR TIME ON THIS. I did mine really fast so it looks like crap. Also I taped the card onto the bottom so it wouldn't fall over.

Step 4: There Ya Go

There ya go a nice ipod holder. You can turn a nano upside down to play the music or charge it. On mine it looks like I stuck it in a big white blob of something.

Please leave comments and tell me how you liked this instructable.



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    This is a pretty cool instructable. I like how you used the green styrofoam for the base. I might "engineer" another way to keep the iPod from falling backwards, since I have a new generation classic. Keep up the good work! :)

    will this work with my mp3 player it uses mini usb


    i hate those zen's, how did you get music on it???

    I have one of those, and I love it! Don't diss the Mozaic! Tis' better than the Stone!

    easy, when you have it plugged in, go to "my computer" and it'll say creative zen mozaic, and go to that and click music and copy and paste from your music folder


    I wasn't yelling at you i am just mad at my friends dumb zen
    I tried it on an eee pc 701 but i don't think that was the case

    did you install the software it came with?

    Good! Basic, and does the job nicely, now I can stop worrying about it falling over all the time!

    so a cheap, dock? Cool, but you know can actually get docks REALLY cheap? (my video dock 8$ shipped) and also, genuine Apple iPod Nano docks have been at my local radio shack for ONLY 3$!!!! (YES, docks not just cords :-D )

    yeah i was at radio shack the other day geting extra wings for my dragonfly r/c toy and i saw a nintendo ds dock for only $1.47 so i bought it and i dont even have a ds lol it was just amazing docks are geting cheaper i also got ipod speakers for only $3