Picture of Quick Key Limeade
Key limes are small and inexpensive.  They are just the right size for a single-serving limeade, but they are very hard to squeeze for juice.

It turns out that a key lime is just small enough to fit into a Zyliss Jumbo-size garlic press.  Using a garlic press, a key lime can be used for a quick glass of limeade.

Step 1: This is all you need

Picture of This is all you need
Assemble a key lime, Zyliss Jumbo Garlic Press, a knife and some sugar.

You'll also want a glass, some ice and water or seltzer.

mguima3 years ago
What a complex thing! If you just want a glass of lemonade, press half lime with your bare hands over the glass.
I think that this lemonade will get a horrible garlic taste from the press, unless it´s a brand new press that was never used with garlic.
Why don´t you use a specific lemon press?
DanYHKim (author)  mguima3 years ago
No garlic taste is retained by the aluminum garlic press. You are correct that this is a bit involved, but I had a lot of key limes and my lemon reamer was a bit too large for them.