Introduction: Quick Lego Laptop Stand

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 This instructable, is my first. It'll show you how to make a laptop stand out of lego.

It's all very simple and quick.

Step 1: What You'll Need

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 For this you will need;

A Laptop...
Lego (Bricks and "flat pieces" )
Imagination (Optional)

Step 2: Assembly

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 There isn't much to say about this step. 
Assemble to pieces like the ones shown in the pictures.

Use your imagination, its easy to make anything out of Lego, including a laptop stand.

Step 3: Done!

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Once your done, use it!
Just make sure the laptop doesn't get damaged in anyway when you put it on the stand.


605504 (author)2011-11-06

its really cool useful for my macbook and my alienware

ljboy99 (author)2011-08-20

Thanks! I need this because My laptop overheats sometimes and it only breathes out of the bottom, Although it hasn't overheated for a while...

stefan23494 (author)ljboy992011-08-20

Same :) good luck!

ljboy99 (author)stefan234942011-08-20


bunnytail20 (author)2010-04-14

bunnytail20 (author)bunnytail202010-04-14

Ur invention is very cool and is also very outstanding now people can just follow ur simple steps so that they wont have to go by a stand for smtin they can just use LEGO

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