Quick Lego Necklace/Bracelet/Keychain





Introduction: Quick Lego Necklace/Bracelet/Keychain


I just did this because I was inspired by all the other key chain 'ibles!

This is my first non computer instructible so... yer.... = )

So got to the next step and make one today!

Step 1: What You Will Need


  • Soldering Iron (If you don't have one you could use the hot fork method : ( It's On step 1 and 2)

Hot Fork Mehtod


  • Lego Bricks ( as many as you want or non at all )
  • Lego People ( as many as you want or non at all )
  • String or anyother type of lanyard you want

Step 2: Making the Holes

For A Lego Brick:

  • Solder a hole through both sides of a lego brick at each end ( see pic 1)

For A Minifig:

  • Solder A hole Straight through his chest ( See 2 )


  • When you make a hole on both things you may want to adjust them to fit your lanyard!

Step 3: Thread Your Lanyard

Simply Thread Your Lanyard Through The Holes:

  • Like In the Picture
  • Then tie it up / melt it / tape it... fix it however you want!

Thanks For Reading ! Plz comment and rate!



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Questions & Answers


Drilling is way better than soldering, for this application. Less energy used, and no fumes produced. But yeah, cool idea. A bracelet made with 2 elastic strings, one threaded through each end of each brick, would be cool.

I like the braclet idea so you mean with like 1 brick ?

If you're a bit wobbly with your hands, or lack practice with your drill, melting the holes is more accurate, since there is less chance of the bit skidding across the brick (and into something painful).

You also don't need to brace the brick against spinning.

In fact, If I was doing a lot of these, I might brace the iron somehow, maybe in my vice, and bring the bricks to the iron, rather than the other way round.

(And, yes, I would open my shed door and turn on the vent fan.)

Good point! If anyone decides to use a drill, make sure it's positions securely, and you might want to use a sharp object to create a starting point for the drill bit. Biting the brick between your canines could work if they're sharp enough, but I don't recommend it.