Step 5: Attach the Dampener

Eyeball where you want the dampener to attach over the light and make sure the magnets will more or less fit where you want them too.

Remove the adhesive backing from the remaining magnets and attach them to the vacuum. Carefully trim them to fit with scissors. In my case, I didn't want magnet on my light, so I trimmed back the trailing edges.

Smooth the magnets down with a bone folder.
I don't understand modern vacuums, why would you need to see the underside of furniture when vacuuming? Surely you just want to see the carpet being vacuumed??? :S That's why I like my Kirbys, their headlights point forwards, not upwards... :)
Simple, effective, and well-written. Our vacuum light isn't too bright but will keep this for future reference.
You have eyes that are very sensative to light, but you use a computer, that makes a lot of sense.
Obviously, one can turn the brightness down on a monitor, but more importantly, be nice!
The nice thing about computers is that they're very versatile. Turn down the brightness!? OMG, how can it be!?
My dog is also sensative to light, as you can see in the picture. lol.

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