Ahh, the open road; With spring break right around the corner there is nothing quite as relaxing as a long drive to a great vacation spot. That is until you've spent hours with the family listening to them aggravating each other from boredom. Most times I set the wife and kids up with their laptops to keep them busy during a long drive. Watching movies, playing games, and reading e-books keeps them occupied for a long time, making the drive much easier. However keeping the laptop right in front of them at eye level and easy to move when they get out for bathroom stops has been an issue in the past with the heavier wood versions I've tried and mounting something somewhere limits there movement. With a pending vacation coming up I had to figure a way to solve this quickly...

"Quick Lightweight Travel Laptop Desk"

Step 1: Materials and Tools You'll Need

First step (like any) is planning; Gather your materials, make your measurements, and start mapping out your project!


Block of soft foam
Styrofoam plate or cardboard sheet
Old T-shirt or fabric
"3M Super 77" spray glue


Hot wire foam cutter (or serrated bread knife will work in a pinch)
Tape measure
Straight edge
Permanent marker
Scrap wood
Drill and driver
Razor blade knife and blades

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