Picture of Quick, Makeshift HDTV Antenna
How to build a makeshift HDTV antenna from mainly old coat hangers.Credit for the antenna design goes to the Solid Signal Blog. I don't claim to have invented this, but I see that there aren't many quick, makeshift antenna tutorials here on instructables, so I just thought I'd try to share their setup.Parts needed:
1. 75 to 300 Ohm Matching Transformer ($1 to $3 on Amazon.) (It should adapt from twin lead to coaxial)
2. Two #6 or similar screws.
3. Small piece of wood board
4. Coax cable.
5. Two metal wire coat hangers.
6. If coat hangers are insulated, you will also need a wire stripping tool, if not, just use sandpaper to remove paint coating as needed.
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Step 1: Cut the coat hanger wire to size

Picture of Cut the coat hanger wire to size
Cut hangers into two 20 inch pieces of wire and straighten out the wires as much as you can.

Step 2: Strip or sand wire.

Picture of Strip or sand wire.
If the wire you're using is insulated, use your wire cutter tool to strip a 1 inch section off the middle of each of the pieces of wire. If your coat hangers were just painted and not insulated, just sand a 1 inch section in the center of both pieces of wire so that the metal is exposed well.

Step 3: Fasten the parts together.

Picture of Fasten the parts together.
Bend each of the two pieces of wire like in the attached picture, and cut the wire so that each line is 8 inches long. then, use the screws to pin the two leads of the matching transformer to the wooden board so that the wire can conduct into the transformer/coax adapter. The distance between the two screws should be around 1 inch.
punkypie5 months ago

Simple. Perfect. Thanks!

johng65210 months ago
I was just looking to do something like this. Thanks