Quick Oat Milk





Introduction: Quick Oat Milk

Grind up quick oats with a good coffee grinder then mix with water. Ta daa! Oat Milk!
I know this stuff is good because the day after I made it the first time, three people stopped by asking for more. Blender it up with cocoa, fruit, or anything else that might taste good or be good for you.

Step 1: Fine Grind

Set your grinder on "fine". As fine as it will go and still have some powder come out.

Quick Oats are already cooked at the factory. That's why they're quick. They are a good camping or survival food. You can eat them dry or cook them. Either way you can digest them just fine.

Oats are good for other reasons also. It has a lower glycemic index than other grains. That means it's less likely to cause diabetes. If your recent ancestors didn't live on cheeze-whiz and wonderbread, your metabolism isn't evolved to handle it and you're in trouble. For instance Pima Indians all have diabetes due to the "modern" diet. They'd be better off eating their tradtional desert foods instead of modern desserts.
Or oats.

Step 2: Mix and Drink

You can use a blender if you want, and keep adding stuff like frozen bananas. A blender will chew up plain dry quick oats, but it's a lot quicker to grind them first. If you put cooked oatmeal in a blender it will burn out. The non-newtonian gumminess of the boiled oatmeal is too much drag for the motor.

I think it's also too much drag for certain micro-organisms that sometimes live in human intestines.
After I got back from Majuro I had cipro-resistant giardia for almost a year. I lost lots of weight so the dumb American doctors thought I was healthy.
Every patient they'd seen before was sick from overeating and lack of exercise.
What they used to call gluttony and sloth. It's not like that in countries that suffer from our foreigh policy.
Anyway, during that year I ate lots of different types of food trying to gain weight. I found that I could gain weight if I ate large quantities of cooked oatmeal. I think the gumminess of it kept the giardia's flagellae from working properly.



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    This is good


    i dont think quick oats are pre-cooked, they are just chopped/ground a bit more to increase surface area so they cook faster.

    I'm sure we studied this in elementary school. Let's see. There that was that map of the U.S. completely surrounded by water, they forced us to pray to the flag, and YES!! they definitely said that quick oats were "parboiled" or "blanched" or "dry cleaned" or something like that. Maybe the new method is just as good. I bet the rollers that squish them are made from uranium bullets so the oats are even freer and more democratic than the ones I had in school.

    TimAnderson, The Instructable is interesting, but your out of place political nonsense is not.

    Political Nonsense! You've got bigger problems than Darth Vader picking your pocket? A third of your income goes to pay for dumb military expenses. Or do you live in some perfect universe like Norway?

    If by dumb military expenses, you mean the ability for me to drink coffee at a streetside cafe and not having to worry about some crazy guy running up with a bomb strapped to his chest while I drink my $5 latte, then yes. You bringing up "uranium bullets" and how bad the US is while you describe a method for making oat milk because you got some bug from a 3rd world country just makes me laugh.

    The United States governed that "third world" country (Marshall Islands) and bombed it with many nuclear weapons (Bikini Atoll, etc.). I like writing howtos, I also like complaining about vast stupidity. I also like to complain when I'm being poisoned. For instance by perchlorates that cause thyroid problems. It just happens that the U.S. Military (and NASA) like to dump and spray that stuff into our water. (look it up. it's true) Have you met any terrorists? I've met lots of them. They've all been very nice people, except they kill and maim civilians in order to achieve political ends. (our state department's definition) Of course I'm talking about American military personnel again, just doing their dumb jobs at taxpayer's expense, dropping bombs all over the place. It would be such a relief if we'd declare an actual war for once. I'm getting to be a cranky old man and during my lifetime we've never stopped attacking and never declared a fricking war. I suppose you're going to tell me about some "bad guys" that are worse than us so we have to be total idiots. I've been going to lots of talks by todays Jack Ryans and they are agog over how dumb our foreign policy is. These pentagon analysts get paid to understand what we ought to do, and they are not consulted when policy is made. Or rather Presidents Curly Larry and Moe keep looking for an expert who will tell them what they want to hear. That's worked so well that we're fighting the Vietnam war again and pissing off everyone who used to be our friends. It turns out we can't afford it. Enjoy being rich and safe while you can and learn Chinese.

    I remember that I heard PKK was tricking teens into joining them

    Oh, and if the oat rollers were made out of depleted uranium, you'd be fine since it's inhaling or eating uranium dust that's bad, just the oats being on it wouldn't be. Wheat and barley isn't dense enough to produce uranium dust, but I think they use steel rollers anyway my friend. Need to save the uranium for the bad guys ! Oh, and nice hat.

    This reminds me... Next time you're in Central America, look for avena molida and avena mosh. "Mosh" is small-grained oatmeal with the texture of really smooth cream-of-wheat. "Molida" is an oatmeal drink made from the same stuff. Actually I forget if it's small-grained, or if it's just powdered oatmeal, but it's way tasty and easy to find.