Quick-Open Wrapping, or How I Learned to Love the Rip-Cord





Introduction: Quick-Open Wrapping, or How I Learned to Love the Rip-Cord

Merry Christmas everyone! I came up with this neat wrapping idea Christmas '05, and my gift recipients really like it. It makes opening presents that much faster.

Materials needed:
- Ribbon (preferably thin, need not match the paper)
- Wrapping paper (preferably pretty)
- Present (preferably cubical or cylindrical)
- Tape, scissor, bows and the like

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Hi everyone! Thanks for checking out my Christmas-themed wrapping instructable! Share your comments/ideas below.

Show us all a picture of your finished wrapping in the comments (or better yet, post a video of someone opening your Quick-Open present!)

Also, post a comment and let me know where you found the Instructable.

Merry Christmas! -kqrpnb


Step 1: Set Up the Wrapping Paper

Take the piece of ribbon and lay it on the inside of the wrapping paper. Position it so that the ribbon will wrap the body of the gift. Tape one end to just about the edge of the wrapping paper that will be underneath the other end in the finished product. Stretch the ribbon out flat and remove any twists, then make sure the ribbon is about an inch longer than the wrapping paper. Place the gift in the center and begin wrapping, starting with the ribbon-taped edge


Step 2: Create Pull-Tab

Wrap the second edge of the wrapping paper, making sure the ribbon remains untwisted. If the wrapping paper has a bleed-edge, or your cut is not so straight, you can fold it over as I have in the picture. Tape it down.

Using your scissors, make 1/4 inch snips well to the side of the ribbon. This will coerce the paper to rip in that direction when the rip-cord is pulled.

Use a bit of tape to secure the ribbon to the flap created by the slits, then trim the ribbon so that is no longer sticks out.

Bingo, pull-tab!

Finish wrapping the sides of the present as normal


Step 3: Done!

Now you have a wrapped present that is very easy to open. Let your recipient know it is there, or all your work is wasted!

Alternatives are, you can tape the ribbon to the box if you don't care if it gets torn, and you can leave the ribbon sticking out and use it as the pull-tab.

Check my other instructables for ideas on homemade gifts that you can proceed to wrap with a rip-cord!

Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!!





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    paper has a grain to it. if your wrapping paper grain lays parallel to the ribbon your rip will be very straight.

    That's BRILLIANT! and with a new grandson (our first, and his first Christmas) I am SOOOOOO using this method!!! {And I thought I was the queen of gift wrapping BEFORE this idea!} THANK YOU!

    Thanks! Hope he has fun opening his presents. You should post some pictures of your wrapping when you are finished.

    I used fat ribbon and made a loop at the end so that his little hand could hold onto it and it worked! He had just turned 7 months old for his first Christmas. I had to laugh though when he started liking the ribbons better than the gifts! Thanks again for the idea! *BTW - this would work great for people with disabilities that would prevent easy package opening.

    What about using this idea for the elderly or those with arthritis? I know that it's marked as opening them faster, but this is a great instructable for making it easier on those who have a hard time opening gifts.

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