Picture of Quick Pocket Pouch (QPP)
This is my first instructable, so i apolgize now for any mistakes.
I always wanted to make a quick pocket pouch just in case of an emergency situation ever happened, and i only had a few minutes to act. its very basic and was designed for what i would need and what i could have tucked into my pocket.
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Step 1: Left hand side

Picture of Left hand side
The left hand side of the pouch consists of:

• 20ft paracord
• 6 hour candle (wrapped in a plastic bag)
• wire saw
• flint steel fire starter and compass
• vaseline
• multitool
• standard unused lighter

Step 2: Right hand side

Picture of Right hand side
The right hand side is basic first aid, this consists of:

• sterile gauze (7.5x7.5cm)
• 5x medium size plasters
• 5x small size plasters
• 5x circle small plasters
• low adherent dressing
• 3x antiseptic wipes
• 3x safety pins
• condom (holds up to 1 litre of water)
• first aid tape
• 8x nurofen 200mg tablets
• sheet of a4 paper (folded)
• sheet of a4 tin foil (emergency signal)
• pencil

Step 3: End

Picture of End
Thats basicaly it, i will in future upload a couple more instructables.
I hope you enjoyed viewing it as much as i have.
Thanks and i would like to hear from your comments.
iceberg742 (author) 2 years ago
Hello and thanks for your comments guys, at the current moment i am doing a revised or QPP 2 (still havent decided on a title yet) if you have any more information or any ideas i would like to hear them. either post a comment or pm me.
Thanks Paul aka iceberg742.
moelekunz2 years ago
Shoulda packed some TP bro, or you gonna be wiping your butt with paper!!
I agree...

A couple dozen squares folded up with a small bottle of hand cleanser or alcohol, and stored in a ziploc bag..

Can be easily slipped into a pocket, with or without the emergency/EDC pouch..

AND - if you keep your disposable lighter in there, that's your "fire-starting" taken care of, as well.
Bushie2 years ago
Nice effort.

Paracord, though, can be somewhat of an overkill in a compact "kit" like this ~ check out "masons' (builders') twine", or maybe "hootchie (military spec') cord"... Plenty strong enough ~ and 50' will still be much less weight and bulk compared to paracord. which will allow room for another couple of extras..

INCLUDING a piece of duct tape or strapping tape or 50mm surgical tape ~ folded up flat so it easily fits into your pouch.

And maybe that water steriliser you couldn't fit previously..

(I would consider the knife/multitool, tape and twine the first three "essentials" that should go in there ~ everything else, you change and adapt to suit one's situation and activity..).
Thorsword2 years ago
When using/packing condoms for a survival scenario, always use a latex, non-lubricated(dry) one. No worries of 'flavors' or anything else. Just relatively clean water. Water source pending, heh. Nice little kit, good work.
halmars2 years ago
Great 'ible.
Size and weight is always the problem.
If you can find room you might want a couple of water sterilising tabs, and I'd try that condom for taste, lots of modern ones are lubricated and contain spermicide, don't know if you can get special survival ones.
You might also want to pop in a couple of loperamide to stop diarrhea.
Scalpel blade, dental floss makes a good thread for tying and sewing, needle

You've done a great job, you may want to tailor it for the conditions you generally face.
iceberg742 (author) 2 years ago
Not enough space. Have to improvise. Leaves or if your near a water source, take one of your socks off and use that. Just make sure you wash it, before putting your sock back on your foot. It's not ment to be 100% survival rated, just something that can be quick and easy and can straight into a pocket.
cubemonkey2 years ago
What kind of pouch is that?
iceberg742 (author)  cubemonkey2 years ago
hi, i got this pouch from sainsbury in the uk. its basically a car details holder, nothing really fancy.