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I've been doing a lot of work with paracord recently and came up with this tidy way of keeping it organised. It keeps it tidy and untangled and is really easy to unravel when needed. I would usually do it with about a meter of loose end from the main bundle but for demonstration purposes ive used red as it is more contrasting. Ive decided to call this technique "Bight Whipping" due to its similarity with other rope whipping i've seen around.

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Start by laying one length of cord behind the coil then fold it back so theres a loop. Then pull the end closest to you and lay it over the rest of the coil (this should be the shortest one). Now pull the loop round and over the short end. This is the start of what i call "Bight Whipping"
Hi. I really want to learn this, but I'm not getting it. Is there some where else with the steps more spelled out?

I'm unable to find a another tutorial, and there's some step I'm not getting. I even looked at Ashley's book of knots, and it was less helpful. Any suggestions?
the start is a bit confusing but after that you just put a loop through another loop and tighten the previous one. hope this helped
hotmetalmel3 years ago
I like the term 'bight whipping'. I even keep my short hanks (lessthan 20 ft) wrapped up in this fashion. I learned it from Ashley's book of knots #3617 where its called 'loop hitching'.
Instead of starting the knot with the loose end the way it is, you should use a starter loop such as an overhand loop, or archer's knot

Picture 1 is the archer's loop, and #2 look at the right side of the cord, and that is an overhand loop.
carver1663 years ago
Not a bad way to add a wrap on knife handle, flashlight, walking stick or what have you for a quick access piece of cord.
mattrush (author) 3 years ago
For anyone that's interested, this is an extension of this project

coolnerd084 years ago
This is a great way to keep cord bundles in check. And I feel like this cord keeping method could be used to make a more "quick release" survival bracelet for those times when you need rope fast and didn't think ahead to slowly unravel your cobra stitch.
mattrush (author)  coolnerd083 years ago
http://www.instructables.com/id/RUP/ check this out. This is a similar principle but a bit more organised. Trying out a bracelet design with this in mind. But it gets chunky real quick, I think a belt might be a better way to go.
mattrush (author)  coolnerd084 years ago
I have tried something similar, it does make for a very round bracelet though. I'm looking at trying to put a thin piece of material into the middle of it in order to strengthen it into more of a webbing strap. Thanks for your input, advice is always useful and much appreciated.
inforussle4 years ago
Cool, ill try this now... its better than keeping my chords in a heap on the floor :D
good idea for keeping track of all of your paracord. nice weave
PACW4 years ago
I've given bundles of paracord and printed out instructables to many boy children as gifts in the past couple years; I wish I had seen this before as it is an attractive and practical way to present the cord. Thank you.
amburjama PACW4 years ago
Please consider it a great gift for girls as well. I would have LOVED that as a gift when I was young. OK, I'd enjoy it now, at 40!
repeet134 years ago
im thinking of including this wrapping technique with the idea in this (http://www.instructables.com/id/Paracord-Strap-Wrap) instructable to have (yes a lower capacity) quicker access to the paracord on my bag straps! great clean instructable by the way
mattrush (author)  repeet134 years ago
I'm working on that very idea at the moment, incorporating it into a molle webbing pouch. Should have it on here by the end of the weekend so bare with me. Great minds think alike!
mattrush (author)  mattrush4 years ago
Thats also one of my instructables you mentioned =P
wilgubeast4 years ago
The paracord storage solution for paracord enthusiasts.