Picture of Quick Screwdriver Identification
This is something I should have thought of years ago... After we were married, my wife bought me a set of Husky screwdrivers.  The flat blades had red handles and the philips had black.  For many, many years, like any red-blooded guy, I've never thrown away a screwdriver.  I have dozens of each type, plus a plethora of others that come with multiple blades.  Whenever I'm looking for a driver on the rack or in a drawer, I always have a tendency to look for red or black handles... Since I know which type of blade I need, it's easy to spot the driver and I only have to choose the size.  Sometimes my wife's set isn't around and I have to sort through a bunch of drivers to find the right tip.

Tonight, I painted all my drivers, with the exception of my grandfather's wood handled ones, red and black.  Tomorrow, I'll line them all up and add a couple of coats of clear to help protect the color.

russ_hensel5 months ago
lime3D1 year ago
You could wrap colored tape on the metal shafts on your grandfather's wood handled drivers.
bfk (author)  lime3D1 year ago
Good idea. Thanks
bfk (author) 2 years ago
Thank you sir. Sometimes I stay up too late and the mind doesn't shut off. :)
rimar20002 years ago
Good idea!