Quick Stability Ball Core Workout


Introduction: Quick Stability Ball Core Workout

This quick stability ball complete ab workout uses 4 exercises to help you tone up your 6 pack abs while strengthening your intrinsic core stabilizers for a toned and strong mid section.

Below are the four stability ball core exercises with time stamps:

Exercise 1: 0:21, stability ball glute bridge, 15 reps

Exercise 2: 2:14, stability ball crunches, 15 reps

Exercise 3: 3:48, stability ball ab rolls, 15 reps each side

Exercise 4: 5:11, stability ball plank hold, 60 sec hold or longer

This should take about 4 to 5 min and you can repeat up to 5 times for an intense ab and core workout.

Remember to squeeze your mid section and use your abs rather than your back or arms.

For more short yet intense ab workout below:


Check out my other health/fitness/recipe videos here: https://www.youtube.com/c/getfitwithmindynow



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