Picture of Quick Survival Kit.
Begining pic.jpg
First all you need is:
Clothing(Something to blend in with trees.),
Survival Knife,
Swiss Army Knife,
Extra pair of socks

Every thing will be Explained through the steps.
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Step 1: Clothing

Picture of Clothing
      Now with clothing all you need is a camo jacket, a pair of pants, belt, socks and shoes.

      Camo jackets are useful in the sense of: their light, have many pockets, Keep you warm during winter, and if you get hot you can role up your sleeves.

       Pair of pants. DUH So its harder to cut your legs on any thing sharp and to keep little animals from crawling up your legs at night while you sleep.

       Belt, to keep you pants from falling down and you can carry your knife on it.

       Socks and shoes(or boots) are there to protect your feet from snake bites and other poisonious creatures.

        Also be sure to have a extra pair of socks. I know it sound rediculous but, When you have dry feet and no hypothermia later you'll thank me.

Step 2: Knives

Picture of Knives
         Now Knives can do multiple things. You can carve a sharp point on the end of a stick( to hunt or fish). or you can use the knife to use as a self defense weapon(assuming you know how).

Note: Keep knife away until needed. No need to cut yourself.

Step 3: Nature

          As i said in the begining, NATURE. There is nothing you can't use. You could cook on a rock (assuming you can light a fire) , or sticks could be use to light fires and hunt. Animals, I know some may think "OH WELL THAT GROSS" or "NO WAY" but Listen if your hungrey enough, you will eat anything. Even leaves can be eaten.
KittyF4 years ago
LOL you're assuming a lot there. assuming everyone knows how to spear an animal or make a bow and arrow or even SHOOT the thing if they did figure it out, or how to find or purify water, or light a fire. maybe you should have at least recommended a good book to get them started on their road to simplistic wilderness living.