Step 3: Nature

          As i said in the begining, NATURE. There is nothing you can't use. You could cook on a rock (assuming you can light a fire) , or sticks could be use to light fires and hunt. Animals, I know some may think "OH WELL THAT GROSS" or "NO WAY" but Listen if your hungrey enough, you will eat anything. Even leaves can be eaten.
I could survive anything with 2 things. A phone and a good reception XD
Just make the leaves u eat aren't poison oak. Lol
Wow, Kinda on the barren side. As one who has had to live through several situations where the sun did not shine for several days, ( in fact the overcast was such that it was nearly dark at noon) I would strongly recommend a quality, liquid filled button type compass.<br> I have met several persons over the years, who shared your enthusiastic &quot;all I need is 3 or 4 items, and I can survive anything&quot; attitude. I met them when we finally rescued them after a lengthy search. Did run across a few, unfortunately, who I never got to meet, due to the fact they were dead when we found them. They even had their knife and clothing and empty canteen and a few other useless items.
LOL you're assuming a lot there. assuming everyone knows how to spear an animal or make a bow and arrow or even SHOOT the thing if they did figure it out, or how to find or purify water, or light a fire. maybe you should have at least recommended a good book to get them started on their road to simplistic wilderness living.
The should be Instructables abiout that stuff any way<br>
Why not a paracord survival belt? you'de have like 50 feet of cordage and then you could also get a watch that has a build in compass and a band on it made the same way a paracord survival belt is which would get you about 10 feet of cordage right there, also you could get a magnesium flint stick to add to the kit. Also a small whetstone would be very useful.
The sun rises in the east and sets in the west that all i have to say about the compass.
I'd add a firestarter, and perhaps some rope.

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