Quick Valentine's Day Room Decorations/Gifts




Introduction: Quick Valentine's Day Room Decorations/Gifts

Hi! So here are two Valentine's Day DIY's that I created that could be room decorations or evan a quick gift for another. These DIY's take less than 20 minutes and they are so cute!

The first decor that I made was a garland made of pink, red, and white, paper hearts. The steps for making this was pretty simple, all I did was cut up strips of decorative paper and folded and stapled it into a long heart garland. If it's hard to understand what I am explaining watch the youtube video I made down below :)

The next gift/decoration that I made was heart wall art. What I did for this DIY was take paper heart that I cut out with the same decorative paper and I cut the top intersection. Because I cut it, I was able to make it pop out to make the heart 3D. Then I taped it to my wall. Again, if it's hard to understand my written explanation, watch the video I made down below!

Hope you enjoy these DIY's and if you liked my video make sure to check out my channel diywithalex :)



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