Quick Veggie Fajitas





Introduction: Quick Veggie Fajitas

Hi friends, today I am sharing a quick and easy vegetarian version of fajitas with great taste and flavour.

These tortillas are a favorite weekday meal of mine and are prepared in no time.

so here is a quick look at the ingredients.. Flour tortillas- 4

veggies(any veggie of your choice, I used here red yellow and green bell peppers, Each 1/2 and cut lengthwise)

Onion-1 medium sized, cut lengthwise

any lettuce or purple cabbage(just for crunch and color)- cut lengthwise

garlic cloves- 2


coriander leaves, jalapenos, salsa

spices- salt, red chilli pwd/ flakes, oregano, roasted cumin powder

Step 1: Procedure..

cut all the veggies lengthwise, add all the spices according to your taste, add lemon juice, coriander leaves, jalapenos and minced garlic aswell. mix well, saute on a skillet or a pan for about 2 mins(optional- sauteeing just enhances the flavour and makes veggies bit soft and moist).

Take a tortilla, put some lettuce/ purple cabbage, add veggies generously, top it up with some salsa, fold back and shallowfry on skillet on medium to low heat with some oil till golden brown and crunchy.

serve with salsa.

NOTE: You can add or replace any veggie according to your choice, you may add pieces of cottage cheese, chicken, olives, boiled beans etc.

sour cream or guacamole could also be added inside the wrap but only after roasting the totillas.

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    Looks delicious. Can you explain the difference between a fajita and a quesadilla?

    4 replies

    Team Z, A Fajita is a cut of beef, The cut that is now commonly referred to as skirt steak.

    A quesadilla is a tortilla with cheese melted inside (like a grilled cheese with tortillas instead of bread).

    The food in this instructable would be more accurately titled "Quick Veggie Tacos"

    Thanks for the info.. :)

    Thanks for liking!

    yes! Fajitas are basically prepared using sliced onions and bell peppers and quesedillas are more cheesy!

    Must try this one - looks really tasty. Thank you

    1 reply

    Glad you liked,, Thank you! :)